3 Reasons Why Everybody Should Be Watching the Women’s World Cup Right Now

Watching the games is fun and relaxing, and the US Women’s Team needs your attention in their fight for pay equality.

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Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

1. They are exciting and fun to watch

I did not grow up in a sporting family: there were never any sports games on the TV or radio in our home growing up, and I did not play sports with any enthusiasm as a youth. But as a college student studying in Europe and later as a volunteer in Guatemala, I was bitten by the international soccer bug — as a spectator.

2. It’s actually kind of meditative

Unlike most televised sports games in the US, soccer games allow for two full periods of 45 minutes of consecutive play, uninterrupted by commercials. There are usually only brief stops for fouls, penalties, and injuries, and the clock keeps running.

3. It supports a good cause

The excitement and meditative quality can be found in all soccer games, but the best games are found in women’s soccer. These women play for the absolute love of their sport — we can be certain about that because they’re not getting paid the big bucks for it like the men are. Their clear passion for the sport makes the games more enjoyable to watch: I find on the field there seems to be better sportsmanship among the women, fewer fake injuries and less egregious foul play. They are also fit and healthy, graceful and ferocious, talented and beautiful: a pure joy to watch in action.

Running a family craft business (walnutstudiolo.com) and writing for fun.

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